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SUN Qlogic Sanbox 8, 8 porturi fibra Gbic, Management RJ-45, Rackabil, Second Hand

SUN Qlogic Sanbox 8, 8 porturi fibra Gbic, Management RJ-45, Rackabil Retelistica
Stoc epuizat

Garanție: 12 luni (Detalii garanție)


Switchul vine fara suportul de prindere pentru rack.
Fibre Channel Protocols:   

  • FC-PH Rev 4.3
  • FC-PH-2
  • FC-PH-3
  • FC-AL Rev 4.5
  • FC-AL-2 Rev. 7.0 (draft)
  • FC-FLA
  • FC-GS-2
  • FC-FG
  • FC-Tape
  • FC-VI
  • FC-SW-2 (when complete)
  • Fibre Channel Element MIB
  • Fibre Channel Classes
  • of Service: Classes 2, 3 connectionless
    Modes of Operation:
  • Fabric
  • SANbox FLS:
  • — Public loop
  • — Private loop
  • — Segmented private loop
  • — Private-to-public (fabric) bridging
  • — Public (fabric)-to-private bridging
  • Broadcast

Fabric Port Speed: 1.0625 Gb/s, full-duplex
Fabric Latency: Less than 0.6 µs (best case, no contention), Cut-through routing
Fabric Point-to-Point Bandwidth: 103 MB/s
Fabric Aggregate Bandwidth: Single chassis: Up to 8 Gb/s end-to-end, Non-blocking architecture
Maximum Frame Sizes: 2148 bytes (2112 byte payload)
Pre-port Buffering:   

  • ASIC-embedded memory (non-shared)
  • Each port has a guaranteed 8-credit buffer for full performance well over the 10km spec of longwave optics

Porturi: 8 porturi Gbic
Multi-switch Fabrics:    

  • Supports all topologies, including: cascade, cascaded loop, mesh and Multistage™
  • Supports multiple links between switches
  • In-order delivery of frames in all multi-switch and multi-link configurations
    Fabric Port Types:
  • All ports can assume the following states:
  • — F_port: Fabric
  • — FL_port: Fabric loop (public loop)
  • — E_port: Switch-to-switch
  • — TL_port: Translative mode (private-to-public/public-to-private bridging)
  • — SL_port: Segmented mode (Segment private loops for reduced arbitration. Allows switch to replace and improve on the
  • performance of a hub)
  • All ports are auto-discovering, self-configuring

Media Type: Hot-pluggable, industry-standard Gigabit Interface Converters (GBICs)
Supported GBIC Types:

  • Shortwave: 100-M5-SN-I
  • Longwave: 100-SM-LL-L
  • Coppe: 100-TW-EL-S
  • HSSDC:
  • Copper DB9: 100-TW-EL-S
  • Any GBIC type can be used in any fabric port.
    Media Transmission Ranges:     
  • Optical:
  • — Shortwave: 500 m (1,640 ft.)
  • — Longwave: 10 km (6.2 mi.)
  • — With repeaters: 20-30 km (12-18 mi.)
  • Copper: 13 m (43 ft.) uncompensated, or 30 m (129 ft.) compensated
  • Cable Types:
  • 50/62.5 micron multimode fiber optic
  • 9 micron single-mode fiber optic
  • Copper
  • Fully interoperable with all SANbox products
  • Backwards compatible with all GigWorks MKII products
  • Compatible with OSFI-compliant devices
  • QLogic SANtrack Certified
    Management Processor: Superscalar Intel i960HA
    Management Methods: SANsurfer embedded Web-based management tools (standard and private brand versions), SNMP, TFTP, Telnet, SES, GS3
    Access Methods: In-band, Ethernet 10/100 with RJ45
    Diagnostics: Power-up self-test of all functionality except media modules, Field-selectable full self-test including media modules
    Fabric Services:
  • Simple Name Server
  • SANguard Zoning:
  • — Hardware-based
  • — Broadcast
  • — Name Server
  • — All zoning assigned on per-node basis, even across multi-stage fabrics
  • Registered State Change Notification (RSCN)
  • Alias Server (Multicast)
  • Multi-chassis in-order delivery
  • Automatic Path Selection (APS) in multi-stage configurations
  • Data Streaming Facility

User Interface: LED indicators, command console, and web-based utilities
Enclosure Types: Efficient rack mounting
Dimensiuni: 17.4" (19" rack mountable) x 1.72" x 13.6"
Greutate: Aproximativ 7 Kg (cu 8 Gbic-uri)

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